I Love to Read:  Hum

I Love to Read: Hum

I Love to Read:  Hum

Book Title: Hum by Jamaal May

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Jamaal May has written an enticing, thought-provoking book of poetry that in no uncertain terms, keeps it real! It is in his words, “Dedicated to the interior lives of Detroiters and the memory of David Blair.” It takes you on a journey that you will not soon forget. It’s like a movie being played out in front of your eyes, with no foreshadowing, so that you have no idea what is going to happen next, and you want to find out! That anticipation forces you to read on and you experience the magic as it is happening. It opens your mind to a new way of seeing things you’ve never thought about! After you have read the first poem, you are anxious to see what happens next. Take it in and go with it. Like songs on a newly released album, the first one gets you and you can’t wait to hear the rest! A string of freshwater pearls can best describe the poetry, each pearl is different, but when strung together, they create an elegantly crafted piece of jewelry!

After reading Hum, complete the activities in the playlist to extend your learning!

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